Team Stats

Our team has a variety of skaters from all over the country with varying skating backgrounds.


Highest Moves Test Passed

17.6% Juvenile

23.5% Intermediate

17.6% Novice

17.6% Junior

23.5% Senior

College Distribution

Liberal Arts and Sciences: 35.3%

Applied Health Sciences: 11.8%

Agriculture, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences: 5.9%

Fine and Applied Arts: 11.8%

Media: 5.9%

Education: 5.9%

Engineering: 11.8%

Division of General Studies: 5.9%

Graduate College: 5.9%


What is skating in college like?



“ The best stress relief I could ask for in college, and I got to make some of my friends through this program”

— Stephanie Tancs Class of 2022

“Skating synchro in college has given me so much to work for and be proud of, both myself and my wonderful teammates. Plus everyone thinks synchronized skating is super cool”

— Celeste Thompson Class of 2020

“Collegiate skating gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people, keep improving my skating skills, and continue to compete in a sport I love”

— Jessica Homan Class of 2022


2019-2020 Roster

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